Has Been a music lover since he can remember. Clubbing since the age of 16, Shhhh ( if you don’t tell I won’t). Bashar has been living, feeling, seeing, sleeping, DJing and 10 years later Making House Music. With Bashar’s Residency at TUNNEL (RIP) for 3 years, he was able to listen to many different styles of House music. He has seen the Club Scene change sounds, Clubs shut down, and Unfortunately see Dance music go back underground. As a computer science major, Bashar has been dealing with technology for over 11 years. You figure dance music? Not that far fetched. These days Computers and Music goes hand and hand. Bashar has been releasing music since 2004. He has also released music on labels from all around the world such as Fatal-Music, Twisted, Hush Recordings, Kult Records, Stereo, Slanted Black, Hamachi Records, Battlewax Records, HMSP Music, Overskin Recordings. Bashar has also been lucky enough to work with and have gotten support from World Class Dj's such as, Will Monotone, Danny Tenaglia,Tedd Patterson, Jaimy, Kenny D. Lucca Ricci,Chus & Ceballos, Manny F., Rich Woods, Adam Freemer, Louie Balo, Konrad Carelli, Sharp & Smooth, Dulac, Lunic, Mike Negron, Benny Maze, Serge Devant, Austin Leeds, Keith Blackstone, Mario Calegari and many more.


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